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The Smart Guides are informative and lively books written for people who want to learn new skills or gain more expertise in activities they feel passionate about. Fun activities involving food and drink, entertaining, sports, the outdoors, or more serious subjects such as business management, immigration issues, the law and finance. Smart Guides are for busy people with a wide variety of interests and enthusiasms.

The Author:
Ever since producing The Catfish Cookbook in the 1970s, Barry Fast has been a food focused writer and editor. Combining the tastiest grilling techniques with the latest nutritional and heart health science, Barry has developed hundreds of recipes for everyday grilled meals, year round. Unlike most other grilling experts he focuses on vegetables, fruit, lean meat, poultry, and seafood products, emphasizing low fat and low calories in his flavor-packed recipes. Barry and his wife Carol live on City Island in New York City.


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