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Learn how to easily create delicious, nutritious, low-cal, low-fat meals for your family and friends.

The Smart Guide to Healthy Grilling is the definitive guide to easy everyday meal prep.

You'll learn how to:

  • Reduce by up to 90% the formation of potentially carcinogenic HCA and PAH chemicals that high heat cooking of any kind produces in meat, poultry, and fish
  • Create the juiciest low fat burgers you ever tasted
  • Grill over twenty different low-cal chicken creations that family members will crave week after week
  • Grill many kinds of fresh vegetables that even kids will love
  • Grill a variety of fresh fruits, creating luscious desserts with no artificial sweeteners or sugar added
  • Entice seafood lovers with unusual recipes such as grilled soft shell crabs, foolproof grilled lobster, calamari on the grill, grill roasted oysters and shrimp scampi
  • Replace greasy, calorie-packed delivery pizza with nutritious whole grain grilled pizzas, sizzling with fresh veggies - yes, pizzas that are delicious health food
  • Use the patio grill as that extra oven for lower stress entertaining, so helpful during the holidays

Lively and Easy
The lively and easy-to-follow format makes grilling the year round cooking method for busy people, for weight-conscious families, and for those who care about healthy eating as a lifestyle.
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