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Holiday Turkey on the Grill

Meat Recipes
Here, simplicity trumps complicated treatments when the basic ingredient is so good to begin with.

Poultry Recipes
Be a Smart Chicken Shopper

Pork Recipes
There are two areas in the world where pork on the grill has been perfected to a level of unrivaled taste.

Fish Recipes
All these ingredients are readily available and make a pleasing casual family dinner.

Shellfish Recipes
We salivate for steamed cherrystone or little neck clams as an appetizer with pre-dinner drinks or wine.

Vegetable Recipes
Crisp grilled vegtables are much more exciting than boiled.

Fruit Recipes
You want to heat fresh fruit through but you are not completely cooking them like meat or fish.

Bread & Pizza Recipes
I always make my own bread and pizza dough because I like to control the ingredients. It's easy and takes about five minutes of active work time.


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