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Fruit Recipes

You want to heat fresh fruit through but you are not completely cooking them like meat or fish. The goal is a sweeter, juicier, warm fruit, the kind we all love in a pie--but without the added fat and calories.

  • Medium heat is usually preferred. Keep a close watch, especially over coals, to prevent burning. You want attractive brownish grill lines, not blackened, with a deeper fruit color between those lines.
  • Make sure you grill is clean when grilling fruit. Charred leftover salmon bits or burned kielbasa scraps imbedded in pineapple or plums are a sure way to make grilled fruit a turnoff for family and friends

Ed's Pineapple Delight

Core and slice a pineapple into rings or half rings. Marinate pineapple slices in coconut rum for a few minutes, then grill on lightly oiled clean grates over medium heat till attractive grill marks appear and pineapple is heated through but not mushy. Remove to a warm platter and serve.

  • You may want to sprinkle with light coconut milk and chopped macadamia nuts.
  • Or shave a few chocolate strips onto the warm fruit using a vegetable peeler on a bar of rich dark chocolate. Just a little goes a long way and doesn't add significant calories for those of us who watch our weight.

Ed Hamlin of Grill Innovations, a generous sharer of mouthwatering recipes and techniques, promises the alcohol is evaporated during the grilling so you might want to sprinkle on some fresh rum just before serving.


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