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Carrot Magic

There are two ways to grill carrots and both produce sweeter, tastier results than boiled or steamed. Use the biggest carrots you can find, and the fresher the better -- look for leafy green tops attached.

  • Cut carrots into 4-6 inch lengths and then carefully cut about a quarter inch slice off one side. Roll carrot on to that new flat side for stability, and continue cutting quarter inch slabs.
  • Or use a vegetable peeler and slice the 4-6 inch carrots into paper thin strips.
  • For both styles, brush on olive oil and then salt to taste. Crunchy sea salt is very good here, but use sparingly.
  • Grill the quarter inch slices over medium low heat for about 8 minutes, flipping every few minutes till carrots are golden with some brown grill marks, cooked through but not mushy. Don't let them get dark brown. Serve right off the grill or room temperature later.
  • For the thin peeler slices, grill briefly over medium high heat, one to two minutes per side and remove while they still have a bit of crunch. Serve immediately or later at room temperature.

Add grilled carrots to your antipasto for more varied tastes on that beautiful plate of grilled veggies. Either way, the natural sugars are concentrated and caramelized, resulting in carrots that excite the taste buds.


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